Roux Tampa


Price: $$

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 5:30pm-10pm; Friday 5:30pm-11pm; Saturday 10am-11pm; Sunday 10am-9pm; Closed Monday

Reservations: While reservations aren't required, they are recommended for weekend brunch and dinner to be on the safe side

Atmosphere: Southern Cajun Creole with a feel of New Orleans. At Roux you're greeted with red ropes right outside the entrance (kind of makes you feel like a VIP) and the main bar right inside. There's a main room in the front and two rooms towards the back. The back room to the left is full of vintage absinthe posters (definitely worth a peak) and the other room is directly behind the bar area on the left. The back rooms are nice if you're hitting up brunch and still trying to recover from the night before. It's dim enough to where you can ditch the sunglasses and slurp on that Bloody Mary while still feeling like a normal human being. Roux also has very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Odds are that once you look at the menu you're going to have a hard time deciding what you want, but our server, Spencer, was very helpful in helping us pick between the choices we were stuck on. 



In case the all caps wasn't enough emphasis, let me tell you, you NEED these in your life. First off, Abita has great beer (seriously, have you tried their Purple Haze yet?). These puppies were so light and fluffy with just the right amount of crunch from the beer batter. If you don't want to dip everything in beer batter and fry it after trying these I'll be surprised. Not to mention that these bad boys are served with three different house made remoulade sauces, that's right...THREE (saffron, cayenne, and chive). You get 6 crab beignets to an order so this really makes a perfect appetizer for two. In all honesty I probably could have eaten at least 3 plates worth of them and been perfectly content. Glad I didn't though because everything else ended up being equally as yummy.

Classic Shrimp and Cream Cheese Grits (Brunch)

Everything about this plate was delicious! The shrimp and creamy grits and to top it off with Abita beer gravy! MMMmmm so good! My only wish is that there was more. Almost licked the plate.

Okay I lied, I may have licked the plate.

Alligator Hash (Brunch)

Is it a coincidence that everything I've eaten here has in some way involved beer? I didn't even realize it until I started writing this. Perhaps that's why everything was so good! Anywho, this plate was fantastic and satisfying in every way. Like eyes rolling to the back of your head good. Maybe the beer is making me biased but either way, this dish deserves a try. If you've ever lived in Florida, chances are you've tried gator before, but probably not like this. With the eggs, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce, it really makes a perfect brunch filler. 

Dinner Recommendations: I've only eaten brunch here so far (it's my favorite meal after all) but after checking out the dinner menu it's definitely on my list to come back! But don't worry, I did some recon on the best dinner dishes. Andouille Crsuted Wahoo and the Boudin Stuffed Pork Tenderloin are the house favorites. 

For a closer look at what's offered, check out their Menus: Brunch, Dinner, and Bar

Happy Hour Specials

Weekday (Tuesday through Friday 4pm-7pm at the bar)

  • 1/2 off draft beers
  • 1/2 glasses of wine
  • 1/2 off select appetizers
  • $1 Oysters (half-shell or char-grilled)

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm entire restaurant; 3pm-5:30pm at the bar)

  • BOGO Mimosas - OJ, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Apple Cider, or Pomegranate 
  • BOGO Bloody Mary's - Heat, Smoky, or Bacon
  • Note: you can switch between flavors and even type, so you can get a Bloody Mary first and then a Mimosa!
  • $1 Oysters (half-shell or char-grilled)

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