Right Around The Corner


Price: $

Hours: Monday through Thursday 4pm-12am; Friday 4pm-1am; Saturday 12pm-1am; Sunday 12pm-10pm

Atmosphere: Let me just start off by saying that I'm 100% biased when it comes to this place because it's my favorite bar to hang at, but with good reason! Not only do the arcade games and Nintendo remind me of childhood, but it's one of those places where you walk in and feel like you're at home. EVERYONE is welcome here, including your pet! 

Almost every time I go to Right Around The Corner I see one of the owners (Johnny or Tommy) and they always make a point to talk to you, see if it's your first time there etc., which in my opinion goes a long way.

Outside of the arcade games (including a 600-game multicade), Cards Against Humanity, board games, pool, and darts, they also an outside patio area with some seating and giant Jenga!

Drinks: There's 9 rotating taps, with 4 reserved specifically for Bay Area brews. They don't serve liquor, but they do have wine, cider, and mead options. Personally, I've always been pretty impressed with the beer selection because they offer a good variety, not even including the bottles and cans that you also have to choose from. I also love that the beer tap handles are old Game Boys and controllers, it really adds to neighborhood bar and game room vibe. 

Events: Being a game-centered bar, they often have tournaments for Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. They also host trivia nights and runs around Tropicana Field. To stay up to date on what's going on give them a follow on Facebook

Food: Outside of the occasional basket of popcorn (they have their own popcorn maker), they don't have food. HOWEVER, as you'll see from my little story below, they do let you order in! 

Story time: My love for this place cemented after they let my friends and I order pizza and get it delivered to the bar 10 minutes to close. Instead of making everyone there head out when the time came, Johnny kept the place open and started playing hilarious YouTube videos (look up Rock-afire). Seriously felt like we were at a best friends house, chilling out, eating pizza, and drinking beer.  One of the best nights I've had in a long time, hence the bias.

Written by: Erin