Out of the Closet Thrift Store


Price: $-$$

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 10am-6pm, Pharmacy also closed on Sundays

Overview: It’s hard to drive by the giant pink building with glamorous dresses in the window and not be curious as to what might be in there. Making the choice to go in isn’t disappointing either. Out of the Closet is a nation-wide organization and a great addition to the Tampa bay community.

Shopping: Out of the Closet, known as “the world’s most fabulous thrift store,” has to be one of the cleanest too! The clothing and furniture are all gently used (you might find a few spots and stains but overall in good condition) and the store is incredibly organized. If you know you’re looking for tank tops, shirts, shoes, or dishware, you will be able to find them with no problem; they all have their own special place.

The selection may seem a little sparse, but merchandise moves pretty quick. It's the kind of place you want to come back and check again even if you don't find what you're looking for the first time. Who knows, you might find whatever it is and more! I always seem to walk out with unexpected goodies every time I go. “Unexpected” sometimes means walking out with something I’ve always wanted. Sometimes it means walking out with something unique and eclectic that I never thought I needed. Mostly the latter.

To donate you can go in and drop things off. If you’re looking to donate furniture but have no means of bringing it to the store, they’ll pick it up for you! All you have to do is go to their website and fill out their Donation Pickup Form.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation: Some of the clothing is a little pricey for a thrift store but rest assured your money will be going to a good home. 96 cents of EVERY DOLLAR goes to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

This foundation is the largest provider in the United States and hits 39 other countries as far as HIV/AIDS care. Their goal is to have those who are unaware of their illness to get tested and for those who need treatment to receive it in a cost effective way.

HIV Testing: Going in for HIV testing was way more comfortable than I could have ever expected. The staff has an absolute perfect balance of relaxed and professional. Trenieces was empathetic but also laid back. She told me how she understands it can be nerve-racking to go in there, so she tries to make everyone feel like family. She does this with little effort. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend that I could share anything with.

Pharmacy: The people behind the pharmacy counter are just as helpful. When I asked about the pharmacy, Nicki and the pharmacy manager Lisa were eager to give me the rundown. They check up on their patients once a month to ask them how their medications are working for them. If there is any issue, they’ll work with you to make sure that you’re happy and healthy. If there is another resource that they think you could try, they are very knowledgeable in health resources throughout the community. They work with patients to make sure that their medication is being taken at the right time. They happily give away pillboxes like candy.

This staff really goes above and beyond. Plus, same rules apply with 96 cents of every dollar earned at the pharmacy goes to AHF! Seriously, there’s no losing here.

Written by: Liz