Price: $$

Hours: Tuesday through Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm; Closed Monday

Parking: Plenty as it's located in a plaza. There's parking on the front and sides but also a lot of parking in the back. The back entrance also has a ramp for those with a stroller.

What: Kraftologee is a mix between a bar, coffee shop, restaurant, and play place for kids. Seem too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so too. I had no idea how one place could pull all of this off. Turns out it's actually pretty simple. Great beer and wine selection, Buddy Brew coffee, quality food, and a supervised creative space for kiddos, seems to be the magical recipe that satisfies the entire family.



How it works: Have work you need to get done but can't focus at home with the kids? Want a night out but don't want to pay for a sitter or go through the trouble of finding a trustworthy one? Literally Kraftologee was made with you and your family in mind. Simply follow the yellow brick road to the dubbed "Creativity Labs" and for only $10 you can check your kid into one FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. Don't get crazy now, you do need to stay on premises (to enjoy it of course!) and if there is a waiting list there is a 2 hour time limit for the labs. Still 100% worth it in my book because the "Kraftologists" don't just watch over your kid, they'll play and interact with them too.

There's two labs, one for ages 2-5 and the other for ages 6-12, both filled with age appropriate activities and projects to do. They even have art projects that change every week and a whole wall dedicated to kids for them to color on while they wait to get checked in.

Beverages: If you follow along with all of our Tampa Bay Live adventures, you know how much I love anything and everything local so I appreciate how much Kraftologee does too by serving Buddy Brew coffee and having local beer on tap. Not to mention a great selection of bottled and canned craft beer and even wine on tap too!

Food: Honesty hour here, I was not expecting to be dazzled by any of the food. Not because I thought it would be bad, but because I genuinely thought that it would be unlikely for such a new place to not only have a great concept and drink selection, but to have quality food too. 

Well I was wrong. Very very wrong. If you haven't snagged a peak at one of their delicious sandwiches pictured, I highly suggest it. Better yet, go over there and buy one, stat.

Here's their menu, filled with breakfast options, salads, sandwiches, and shareable nibbles. We are really fond of their Avocado Hummus, Grilled Chicken Pesto, and The Roast Beef. For simple pressed sandwiches, they really outdo themselves. I ended up only eating half of mine and reheated it in the oven a couple of days later and it was still delicious - always a plus to us! 

Atmosphere: As soon as you walk into Kraftologee you can tell that it's a place where fun happens, and not just for kids. The staff is really kind and courteous and not afraid to joke around with you. TV's line the walls making it a great spot for any game night. Overall, Kraftologee seems like the ultimate spot where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. 

This is the last thing I want to add because I know it has to be on the mind of anyone who doesn't have children. Full disclosure: we don't either and we still really enjoyed ourselves. Regardless of whether or not you take advantage of the on-site child service, Kraftologee is a great place to grab a bite or drink and even get some work done. 

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For any specific questions, check out their FAQ.