Price: $-$$

Overview:  Coffee bar by day, craft cocktail bar by night (just kidding, they have these available all day). This laid back gem on Central is a very versatile hangout spot.

Hours: Sunday through Wednesday 8am-11pm; Thursday 8am-12pm; Friday and Saturday 8am-2am


Atmosphere: Intermezzo has a modern and minimalist type of style in an industrial setting that has a very warm but clean feeling. Like birds flying into the crystal clear windows kind of clean feeling. Seriously, the windows are beautiful. The staff is very laid back, friendly, and seems to love what they do. They are always happy to make a suggestion and are very knowledgeable about all the products that they serve. This is a favorite spot of many locals and the St. Pete energy is very much represented.

This is not your typical home-y coffee shop. During the day the energy is mellow but still up beat. It's chill, but not so chill that you’re going to fall asleep while you’re putting together that presentation or paper. The open space and bright daylight that pours in helps keep you focused while staying energized. They also have outdoor seating and a patio area to enjoy the Florida weather. They usually open up the garage door windows which complements Intermezzo’s fresh feel. Right around happy hour (everyday 5pm-7pm), the feel subtlety becomes more hip. After your successful study sesh, it quickly turns into a fun spot to kick back, relax, and treat yourself with a cocktail.

Coffee:  They have your usual cappuccinos, espressos and lattes, and they do their own French press. They also serve Kyoto-style cold brew and Made Coffee, made (no pun intended) right in St. Pete.

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker like myself, they have a few teas and juices. The juices are fresh and the iced matcha and chai teas are delicious. I recommend not passing up on the whole milk - it gives it a bit more body.

Happy Hour Everyday


Drinks: Pretty much any of their cocktails are a phenomenal choice. If your taste buds like surprises, try the Paloma, Bees Knees, or the Golden Mylk. They also have the essential Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned. I highly recommend the Don Johnson, an adventurous combination of cilantro-infused rum, coconut, lime, and black peppercorn. No matter what you get, all drinks are well crafted.

Oysters: Wednesday through Saturday you have to try what David, the oyster guru, describes as an “educational experience with a taste tour.” Intermezzo hosts a pop-up oyster bar with a rotating selection, so the experience is different every time. David will first take you through a quick Introduction of Oysters course. Then he will show you a couple of gourmet toppings he put together and let you know why he chose them. These go way past the typical hot sauce, lemon, and a cracker oyster.  You’ll get to see oysters in a whole new light and realize you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

The oysters are $3 a piece.  The knowledge is free.

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Written by: Liz