Coppertail Brewing Co.


Price: $

Hours: Monday through Thursday 11am-11pm; Friday and Saturday 11am-12am; Sunday 12pm-9pm

Recommended: I'm a huge fan of their "Core Four," especially the Unholy, but here is a full list of what they have on tap. You can get a lot of their beer to go via bottle/crowler/growler. I also like that they have Guest Taps so you can give some other breweries a try while you're there.

Atmosphere: Honestly one of the coolest (and by cool I literally mean that I feel like I gain cool points as soon as I walk through the door) breweries I've been to. It's located right next to Ikea, making it a fantastic stop after furniture shopping, and has a decent amount of parking compared to other breweries I've been to.

High ceilings, second floor loft with outdoor patio (where the picture above was taken), and a nice amount of outdoor seating and occasional live music downstairs. When you first walk in you're greeted with a wicked and huge copper piece on the left wall of a giant octopus taking down a ship. In front of you are large windows to view the brewing area right behind the bar, and to the right is some couch lounge seating and tables and chairs.

My favorite part is sitting upstairs outside around sunset. Tampa skyline with a good brew? It has a way of soothing the soul.

Food: When I originally wrote this piece they didn't serve food but had the occasional food truck. Luckily they have now teamed up with The Stein & Vine out of Brandon to create The S & V Kitchen, where chef and owner, Ty Mathis, has made a menu that pairs beautifully with what's on tap. Check out the menu! Our faves are the Baja tacos and the tots, because you know, carbs. 

Games: On the downstairs outdoor patio there's of course giant Jenga but behind the bar there are more card games (usually stashed right under the draft list). Our group tends to go right for the Exploding Kittens but there some fun options to choose from.

Events: Not sure how often these are held but I've stumbled on a small market upstairs before with everything from bowties and jewelry to really nice smelling soap. They host special dinners and movie nights every now and again which sound like a great time. You can also take a tour of the brewery for less than $10 that comes with a souvenir pint glass! To stay up to date on what they have going on check out their Facebook and Instagram!

FUN FACT: Okay so I always love learning the back stories behind businesses and this one is no exception. Turns out the name "Coppertail" came from the 5-year-old daughter of one of the founders, Kent Bailey, and is supposed to be a mythical C-creature that lives in Tampa Bay. How cute! 

Side Note: I'm a sucker for good branding and these guys have it down to a T. I mean the logo, the bottle design, the glasses, the decor - all flawlessly carried out. Not to mention pretty superb beer and a fantastic space. I like to give kudos where kudos are due so...kudos. I'd also like to mention that the local Tampa company behind the branding is Spark, and the artist behind the labels is Evan B Harris so kudos to them too.