Bandit Coffee Co.



Hours: 8am-6pm everyday

Atmosphere: Minimalist and open in design (might have something to do the guys, aka "The Minimalists",  who did the Minimalism documentary on Netflix, being part owners) and very friendly atmosphere. You're guaranteed to see people doing their work on on the long tables or at the bar facing outside. Definitely the type of place where you can grab a brew and relax for a bit. For some this place might seem "hip" (which don't get me wrong, it totally is) but it's not the intimidating kind of hip that you can sometimes encounter (but maybe that's just me). The staff is welcoming and fully willing to explain the menu, different brews, and different flavors. For a non coffee connoisseur like myself, this is essential. 

Coffee: While most coffee shops tend to serve the typical latte or cappuccino, Bandit takes a little bit of a different approach. They specialize in single origin coffees, offering espresso (with or without milk), hot coffee, pour overs (where you get into the fancy flavors), cold brews, kombucha, and tea. 

Food: Bandit offers pastries and donuts and everything I've had there has been delicious. I will say that the later you go in the day, the less likely you'll be able to score a treat with your coffee. 

For more info on The Minimalists and Bandit Coffee check out their blog post about it. 

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Written by: Erin